September 24, 2023

The old blogger on The Jewish Drinking Show: Contemporary Beer Trends in Israel

I was very excited to be interviewed by Rabbi Drew Kaplan for his Jewish Drinking Show podcast.  We spoke about Contemporary Beer Trends in Israel (very broadly!) right in the middle of Jerusalem's Machaneh Yehuda market.

This is what Rabbi Drew wrote in his introduction:

Having previously sat down with The Jerusalem Post's wine writer to discuss contemporary trends in wine in Israel, the newest episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features The Jerusalem Post's beer writer. As part of the Toast to Israel at 75 mini-series, Doug Greener and Rabbi Drew Kaplan get together over beers in the Macḥaneh Yehuda Market in Jerusalem to discuss contemporary beer trends in Israel.


Born in New York City, Greener made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in 1971. Married for 54 years, Greener has three sons and five grandkids. Having worked in journalism, advertising, and public relations, he began writing regularly about beer in Israel a decade ago on his Israel Brews and Views blog in 2013 and has been the beer writer for The Jerusalem Post.


Amongst other topics we discussed, we discussed the Israel Museum's 2023 exhibit on drinking parties, the first commercially-available beer made from 3,000-year old yeast (which we drank), and more. You can also check out Greener's article that came out around the time of our recording regarding new spring and summer beers in Israel.

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