June 15, 2022

Malka Tropical IPA and Herzl Va'adat Kishut (2022 version)

Tropical IPA from the
Malka Brewery:  Pineapple and 
other tropical fruits aplenty.

The Malka Brewery in the Tefen Industrial Area also brews beer for the Herzl brand.  The two are actually united by the parent company, Hacarem Spirits Ltd.  Both Malka and Herzl have issued new beers in time for summer drinking.  

The Malka beer is called Tropical IPA.  It's a clear, golden amber color, with a dominant aroma of pineapple and some pine. The flavor is crisply bitter with pineapple and other fruits.  It has a medium body and a tingly carbonation that will cleanse your palate if you're having it with food.  Alcohol by volume is 5.5%.            

The Herzl beer is the 2022 version of Va'adat Kishut ("Hops Committee"), a "double dry-hopped IPA."  This means that the aromatic hops are added twice during the fermentation.  The hops they used were Citra and Idaho 7.  Although the latter was first released in 2015, it's the first time I've heard of it in an Israeli beer.  The marketing material says it adds flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruit, specifically tangerine, as well as well as pine and tea.  Let's see.   

The 2022 version of 
Herzl Va'adat Kishut is
double dry-hopped with
Citra and Idaho 7. 

 This Va'adat Kishut is a very slightly cloudy golden amber color with a lively carbonation that supports a long-lasting white head.  I perceived powerful aromas and flavors of tropical and citrus fruits and pine resin, very bitter, yet finishing with fruity sweetness.  It also has a palate-cleansing carbonation, but the intense flavors of this beer may overwhelm your food if it's too mild.  At 6.5% ABV, this is a thirst-quenching summer beer, and definitely not boring. 

(Read about the first Va'adat Kishut here.) 

Here are two hoppy and fruity beers from up north.  Try to enjoy them both during the sultry days ahead of us.                  

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