May 10, 2022

Jerusalem Craft Beer Fair -- May 11-12

Up until recently, I've been chasing down every local "beer festival" and reporting on them.  I stopped doing that because it was driving me crazy and almost all of them were not really festivals at all, but "marketing events" organized by some importing agency or another.

However, I continue to seek out and report on real festivals -- and one of them is taking place this Wednesday and Thursday, May 11-12, in Jerusalem's First Station. It's being staged by Birateinu, the Jerusalem Beer Center.  They organized a few of these before the corona era and they were all a lot of fun.  Entrance is free, the venue is comfortable and limited, and you are surrounded by local eateries.  This year, there is also live music on each night.

These are the breweries who will be selling their beers:   

Beertzinut, Meltzer, Fass, Hatch, Chalutz Chadash, Srigim (Ronen and Emek Ha'ela), Super Heroes (Six-Pack), Sheeta, Malkat Ha'emek, and Schnitt Brewpub.  In addition, the Milk & Honey Distillery in Tel Aviv will also have a table to present their whisky and spirits.

For more detailed information (in Hebrew), please see here.     

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  1. Anonymous5/12/2022

    Definitely recommended. I had a wonderful time there last night. The beer I tasted was very good to excellent. Israeli craft beers are amazing, and the Israeli whiskey there was fantastic, too.


Thanks for your comment. L'chayim!