April 14, 2022

Covid, Passover and new beers

After dodging the sneaky virus for, what, two-and-a-half years, it finally caught up with me at the start of April.  The Shabbat of Amitai's bar mitzvah was ending and I started to sneeze and cough.  Over the next few days, it only got worse.  A sore throat developed along with a nagging wet cough day and night.  I slept for only a few minutes at a time -- in the best case.  A home antigen test and a professional pcr test confirmed what I already knew.      

Most of the worst symptoms are now behind me, but the one that persists is bad news for a beer blogger.  My senses of smell and taste are compromised.  There's been some improvement here as well, but I won't begin doing tastings until I feel that my nose and palate are pushing 100%.   

In the meantime, new Israeli craft beers have been piling up and I apologize for that.  As soon as I can, I will join some of the IBAV Tasting Team members to unblock the logjam to bring you background information and reviews of some recent brews.

In addition, I've been gathering pretty much all of the new Israeli beers that were introduced at last month's festival in Tel Aviv.  The Tasting Team will get to all of these as well.  I'm talking only about those beers which have been bottled and are available to the general public.  These include beers from Nomads, BeerBazaar, Srigim, Shevet, Hatch, Malka, Herzl and HaDubim.  

Another project for after Passover is to finally get to the Schnitt Brewpub in Tel Aviv with photographer Mike Horton and do a proper article on this craft beer mecca that has been causing such a stir.  No problem with Schnitt having new beers since they are always being brewed right on location.

Assuming that my smell and taste are back to where they should be, all this begins right after Passover.

This year, Passover and Easter fall on the same weekend, so the old blogger and all the family have a special opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy holiday and a wonderful springtime to follow!   

חג כשר ושמח לכל בית ישראל

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