February 27, 2022

Not taking sides: Ukrainian beer vs Russian beer

(Photo: Mike Horton)

One of the many hats I wear is that of chairman of the Kiddush Club in my synagogue.  We are a small but dedicated group of serious drinkers who meet after Sabbath services for some good booze and a light repast.  Since one of my other hats is a reputable beer lover, I sometimes bring along an interesting beer or two to share with my fellows.

This past week, I wanted to express Israel's officially neutral stance regarding the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  Israel has sensitive relations with both of these countries and simply cannot allow either one to deteriorate.  They say it's like walking between the raindrops.

So I brought a bottle of Andriivskiy Golden Ale from the Radomyshl Brewery in the Ukraine, and a can of Baltika Premium Export Lager from Russia.  

"Drink the beer that suits your taste and your sympathy," I announced to the Kiddush Club members.  

Within a few moments, the Ukrainian beer was drained, and the Russian beer remained untouched until I had to bring it back home with me. 

You should not read too much into this.            

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