February 11, 2022

Alexander Barley Wine, 2021 edition

From the Alexander Brewery in Emek Hefer comes the 2021 edition of their Barley Wine, among the strongest beer styles known.  This one is 11.2% alcohol by volume, indeed similar to the alcoholic content of wine. 

This is the fourth annual edition of Alexander's Barley Wine, and the first to be aged in barrels.  It slept for six months in ex-bourbon barrels, and 3,900 numbered bottles were released.    

It pours out a slightly hazy reddish-copper color, with no head and no visible bubbles.  The aromas and flavors are full and complex.  You get the bitter and the sweet in good balance, with oak wood, whisky, coconut, vanilla, dark fruits and dark chocolate.  The texture is full body and creamy, heated by the alcohol.

This is a beer you should drink in little snifter glasses like brandy, and at room temperature.  It should go well with especially robust foods, strong cheeses and even creamy desserts.

(Read about the first Alexander Barley Wine -- 2018 version -- here, and the 2019 version here.)


  1. You didn't mention any hop notes, so I assume this is more English style barleywine, right?

    1. I'm with you there, Iron Mike. My old tongue didn't detect any hop presence. Thanks for pointing that out.


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