December 22, 2021

Three craft beer brands improve their (and our) Hebrew

The three beers with 
Hebrew-improving labels:
Malka, Herzl and Negev.

In honor of Hebrew Language Day, three Israeli craft beer brands are using their labels to improve the knowledge of Hebrew among beer lovers. 

Herzl Beer changed the name of its popular mild ale, Shesh Achuz Kapara, to the correct masculine form, Shisha Achuzim Kapara.  

Negev Beer changed the name of its Blond Ale, Oasis, to the correct Hebrew phrase, Neveh Hamidbar.  

Malka Brewery (where the first two beers are also brewed) explained on the label of its Pale Ale, that the plural of Malka ("Queen") is not Malkot, but M'lachot.  All in good fun; all for the sake of our national language.   

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