October 9, 2021

Shevet Red Knight & Hop Guru

The Red Knight: an Irish Red Ale from the
Shevet Brewstillery in Pardes Hanna.
The knight is a woman and the taste
is caramel, fruity and mildly bitter. 

Under the guiding hand of German Brewmaster Felix Magdziarz, the Shevet Brewstillery in Pardes Hanna has been producing new core beers, seasonal brews, and oak barrel-aged special editions.  There are two new core beers which are excellent examples of their styles.

The Red Knight is an Irish Red Ale, a style noted for its sweet caramel and toffee flavors from the malt, with low hop bitterness.  The Red Knight is a clear, crimson gold color with aromas of malt, sweet caramel and butterscotch.  It has flavors of rich malt, caramel and some citrus fruit from the yeast esters.  Alcohol by volume: 5.1%. 

Like the other Shevet core beers, The Red Knight has an image of the beer's "personality" on the label.  This time the Red Knight is a woman warrior, "dainty and daring," ready to do battle with the forces of evil everywhere. 

The Hop Guru: an IPA from the 
Shevet Brewstillery in Pardes Hanna.
Citrus, tropical fruit and pine flavors.

The Hop Guru is Shevet's new IPA, bursting with citrus, tropical fruit and pine flavors, with grapefruit dominating.  It's not very bitter like a lot of other IPAs, actually bitter-sweet.  The mouthfeel is medium-body and acerbic.  Alcohol is 5.7%.  

The Hop Guru is brewed with Motueka hops from New Zealand, not too commonly used in Israeli beers, and noted for its flavors of citrus (lime) and tropical fruits.  The guru on the bottle is a bearded yogi, "exotic and exalted," holding a hop cone. 

These are two enjoyable beers, suitable additions to Shevet's core line.  My wife even liked The Red Knight -- and not only because of its feminist heroine.  

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