December 14, 2020

'Double identity beers' from BeerBazaar

Those readers with sharp eyes might have noticed that some of the newer beer labels from BeerBazaar state that the beers are from the HaGibor Brewery in Carmiel.  In fact, they are HaGibor core beers wearing the label of BeerBazaar.

BeerBazaar labels on the outside;
HaGibor beer on the inside:
Hatav Hakatom IPA, Groovy Brown Ale
and Yihiye Beseder Blond Ale.

These include:

Hatav Hakatom IPA -- HaGibor IPA

Hatav Hakatom Wheat -- HaGibor Wheat

Yihiye Beseder Blond Ale -- HaGibor Blondie

Groovy Brown Ale -- HaGibor Brown Ale

[You can read more about the HaGibor Brewery and its beers by clicking here.] 

I asked Avi Moskowitz, CEO of BeerBazaar, what's going on here?

"This is a temporary solution for us until we expand our brewing capacity," he answered.  "We simply cannot make enough beer to keep up with the demand for it.  We have a good working relationship with Eran Grunwald of HaGibor and we are marketing some of his beers under our own label."

The BeerBazaar
Za'atar Beer
is the same as . . .

Avi stressed, however, that BeerBazaar is maintaining its own creativity and is introducing new beers at a rate of one or two a month -- far more than any other Israeli brewery.  

"Most recently," he added, "we have launched HaGanan ("The Gardener"), a rye IPA, Calamansi, our third beer using rare lemons from the Klotzman Orchards, and a Hard Apple Cider.  And we are continuing with our new beers and other beverages in spite of the many COVID-19 restrictions."       

  . . . Saison de Zion
from Nomads.

In addition, the second coming of the Nomads Saison de Zion is being sold under the Nomads own label and as the BeerBazaar Za'atar Beer.

In this case, the brewing Nomads, Yonah Rubin and Jacob Mogerman, have simply reached an agreement with the BeerBazaar (which is where they brew their beers) to market the beer under the two labels.

[Read more about the Nomads and their za'atar beer here.] 

The bottom line is this:  The BeerBazaar's customer base is growing so fast, and its online ordering and home-delivery systems are so efficient, that it cannot meet the demand for beer.  By co-marketing beers with other brewers, BeerBazaar has taken a step to solve this problem, as Avi Moskowits says, on a temporary basis.  

"We are working now to expand our capacity," Avi adds, "so that our beers will be available to be ordered and enjoyed by all those who want them."         

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