November 1, 2020

Changes at Shevet Brewstillery

The Shevet Brewstillery in Pardes Hanna, which combines beer brewing and spirit distilling facilities, has announced changes in its brewing staff, with a new direction for its beer production strategy.
CEO Neil Wasserman
in the Shevet Brewstillery
in Pardes Hanna. 

"We have hired a new Brewmaster from Germany," explained Shevet CEO Neil Wasserman. 

"For us, working with a creative and experienced Brewmaster from Germany is a huge opportunity to finally start introducing more core beers to our existing two flagships: The Ice Mann Helles Lager and The Wee Laddie Scottish Ale, which have been available since we opened, over a year and a half ago." 

Neil did not ignore the fact that Shevet has produced four Small Batch beers: IPA, Extra Special Bitter, Double Bock lager, and Blonde Ale. "But these were not meant to be a flagship line," he added, "but rather to engage with our public and see what they like. Don't misunderstand me. We will continue with our Small Batch Series, and we have some very exciting styles planned. But the emphasis will be on expanding our line of colorful core beers. We’ve already started experimenting and will be welcoming a few new characters to our shevet ("tribe") in the very near future.”
Shevet's two core beers:
The Wee Laddie Scottish Ale and
The Ice Mann Helles Lager.

Neil did not name Shevet's new German Brewmaster, but he did assure me that he comes with international experience, having worked not only in Germany, but in other locations such as Australia, South Africa and India. 

"Don't think that he only brews German-style lagers and ales," Neil advised. "Because of his world wide experience, he is innovative and creative, so we can expect some really interesting beer styles from Shevet."

When I asked Neil for some specifics, he revealed that for this winter, the Shevet Brewstillery is looking to release a limited batch of Barrel-Aged Double Bock which has been aged in new charred American Oak barrels for over eight months!  Afterwards, those same barrels will be used to age distilled beer to produce a limited edition of a “single malt spirit.” 

"We are recommitting to what our mission has always been," Neil concluded: "To brew the best possible beers for the members of our 'tribe' -- the people who love beer in Israel or wherever they may be." 

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