September 14, 2020

Shapiro Saison du Melon: It's in the hops

(Photo: Udi Katzman)
There is no melon in the Saison du Melon beer from the Shapiro Brewery in Beit Shemesh.  But there is an interesting hop variety from Germany known as Hüll Melon, which is known to impart aromas and flavors of honeydew melon.  

The name of the beer also gives a tip-of-the-hat to Saison Dupont from the Brasserie Dupont brewery in Belgium, considered by many to be the best saison beer in the world. 

The saison style of ale originated in southern Belgium.  The word means "season" in French, indicating it was brewed in the winter for drinking in the spring and summer.  So it's generally dry, light and refreshing.  The style is mostly defined by the special yeast which is used.    

Hüll Melon hops.
Saison du Melon is a semi-hazy, golden yellow color and with active carbonation.  We actually got some sour honeydew melon in the aroma, along with lemon, pepper, bread, and white grapes!  The taste is mildly bitter and sour; notes of spice and lemongrass complete the profile. 

The finish is interesting: Dry and thirst-quenching as it should be, but you also get the saison yeast and the honeydew making a quiet comeback.

Saison du Melon is an excellent beer for our Israeli summer, and at 4.4% alcohol, you can enjoy more than one.  For Shapiro and its brewing team, this is a fine achievement.        


  1. Saison is a wonderful style of beer. It's something even the wife enjoys. Thanks for bringing this particular beer to our attention.

  2. Shapiro makes good beer.

  3. Anonymous9/21/2020

    What's the point of reviewing a beer that was released more than 3 months ago? The summer is almost over and the beer is not available anymore.

    1. Excellent criticism, Anonymous. I admit that I am a very slow worker and I fall behind on my projects. I strive to do better. On the other hand, we still have quite a few hot and warm days ahead of us, and I see Saison du Melon on sale in all of the stores in Jerusalem that carry Shapiro beer.


Thanks for your comment. L'chayim!