September 12, 2020

HaDubim promotes demo-cra-cy

Israelis are talking a lot about democracy these days.  Is it under attack?  Is it being whittled away?  Is it as strong as ever?

Rotem and Dagan Bar-Ilan, the brother-brewers of HaDubim ("The Bears") Beer, have made a personal statement by printing three new labels for their beer which, when placed side-by-side, spell out Demo-cra-cy in Hebrew.

"Some people might object to us mixing beer and politics," says Dagan, "but for us beer is more than just a product we make.  It comes from the heart and expresses our ideals and values.

"We felt that we needed to say that democracy is one of the most important things we have, and we believe that we are starting to lose it."

HaDubim beers are contract brewed at the BeerBazaar Brewery in Kiryat Gat.  The beer in the Demo-cra-cy bottles is Typhoon, HaDubim's very popular American Pale Ale. 

Remembering democracy and love:
HaDubim brewer/brothers
Rotem and Dagan Bar-Ilan.
Most of the reactions to the Demo-cra-cy labels were positive, although there were some people who didn't like the idea of mixing beer with political statements.

"We don't see any problem with this," concludes Dagan.  "Rotem and I are not just people who make beer.  The beer we brew is a reflection of who we are – as it should be for all brewers.  In fact, if a brewer from the other side of the political map would make a beer reflecting his values, I would appreciate it very much."     

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