October 30, 2019

Mevshalim 2019 home-brew competition winners

Another home-brew contest was held recently in Israel -- the fourth Mevshalim Competition, arranged by the Home-Brewers Guild of Beersheva.

The head organizer this year was Ohad Boxerman, who home-brews (with partners Maor  Pallivatikal, Yaron Berger, Michal Shelly and Yoni Goren) under the name of The Excuse Brewery (HaTirutz).

"We had 104 entries which we divided into nine categories for judging," Ohad told me.  "Seven were for beers, plus ciders and meads.  We devised the categories after the entries were submitted, based on similarities of style, flavor and aroma profiles, and strength."

There were all kinds of prizes, of course, given to the winners, as well as certificates.  But Ohad said that the best prize was the feedback that every entrant received for his beer.  These were the comments made by the judges on the scoring sheets.

Some of the beer judges at their work
for the Mevshalim home-brew competition.
All of the judges were qualified by the
Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). 
"All of our judges have been qualified by the internationally recognized Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)," explained Ohad.  "They are used to writing their comments in English, and in this case they each made a decision whether to use Hebrew or English.

"With our limited manpower, we translated as many of the English comments as we could into Hebrew, and gave them to the entrants.  Each form also had the contact information for the judge, and the entrants were encouraged to direct any questions or comments directly to the judge.  They appreciated this as the best way to improve the quality of their brewing."

In addition to Ohad, the members of the organizing committee included Zvi Sharon, Certified BJCP Judge, in charge of Information Technology, Yonatan Goren, Certified BJCP Judge, marketing and design, and Omer Basha, Master BJCP Judge, Head Judge.

Ohad Boxerman (right), head organizer of
this year's Mevshalim home-brew competition,
presents the Best Of Show award to
Nitai Leffler of the Sabresa Brewery.

(Photo: Ariel Behar Kent)  
Here is the list of the 2019 Mevshalim winners, with the authorized English spelling of their names:

Best Of Show (chosen from all of the first-place winners)
Sabresa Brewery -- Nitai Leffler, Yogev Nathan and Ofer Pekerman

Champion Brewer (Amassing the most points for all of his ranked entries.  All five of his entries won awards!)
Alex Fux (The Three-Legged Crow Brewery)

First:  Sabresa Brewery -- Tiger Phoney, Specialty IPA
Second: Tom Arad -- Fearsome Cadence, American IPA
Third: Danny Perets -- Hugeness IPA, American IPA

Rafi Kent (left), winner of the first prize
for Specialty Beers at the
Mevshalim home-brew competition,
accepts his award from Ohad Boxerman.

(Photo: Ariel Behar Kent)
Belgians and Sours
First:  Zvi Sharon -- Sour Lady, Mixed Fermentation
Second:  Tomer Avramovitch -- Gose

Dark Beers
First:  Alex Fux -- Cowboy's Breakfast, Oatmeal Stout

Lagers and Wheat Beers
First:  Alex Fux -- Better Beer Fest, Cream Ale
Second:  Assaf Friedman, Kupe, New Zealand Pilsner
Third: Boaz Lanner -- Weizen, Weissbier 

Strong Ales
First:  Murat Nepesov -- Theo's First Steps, Imperial Stout
Second: Alex Fux -- Cowboy's Breakfast, Smoked Beer
Third: Gilad Ne-Eman -- They Have Walked the Fields, Old Ale

Specialty Beers
First:  Rafi Kent -- Kataleen Bebe, Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer
Second: Alex Fux  -- Wanna Turn Up the Heat, Fruit Beer
Third: Alex Fux -- Red Heads Revenge, Fruit Beer
Honorable Mention: Boaz Lanner -- Gruit, Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer 

Light Ales
No winners were chosen

First:  Gilad Ne-Eman -- Mead Me, Dry Mead
Second: Talor Turjeman -- Melomel

First:  Akiva Amiel -- Ginger Ale, Herb or Spice Cider
Second: Ohad Boxerman (The Excuse Brewery) -- Just Cider, New World Cider

Congratulations to all the winners -- and to all of the entrants!  As I've written before, home-brewing is the wide base of the pyramid that supports the Israel craft beer revival.    


  1. Sounds like great fun. Can you certify me as a beer judge?

    1. It's not that easy. Be sure you read my next posting (or the one after that, or so).


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