August 12, 2019

August beer festivals

There are simply too many local beer festivals coming up this month for me to report on all of them individually, so with thanks to the Bira B'Yisrael Hebrew Facebook page (, I am giving below just the names and the dates of the upcoming festivals, and their Facebook pages where you should be able to get more information, most likely in Hebrew. 

This is a good thing, people.  We should be glad there are so many for us to choose from.     

Gomeh Intersection Israeli Beer Festival -- August 13-14:

Big Beer Festival, Beersheva -- August 14-15:
(No other information available.)

Ashkelon Beer Festival -- August 14-15:

Petach Tikva Beer Festival -- August 17:

Hadera Beer Festival -- August 21-22: 

Nahariya Beer Festival -- August 21-22:

Givat Shmuel Beer Festival -- August 22

Jerusalem Beer Festival ("Ir HaBira") -- August 28-29

Givatayim Beer Festival -- August 28-29


  1. Will we meet at the Jerusalem Beer Festival?

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