June 17, 2019

Home-brewers! Use your talent to support a great cause!

I'm sure you all remember that last year I wrote about an amazing day care center in Jerusalem for adults with cerebral palsy and other severe physical disabilities.  It's called Tsad Kadima ("A Step Forward") and once a week, the center is turned into a brewery which is operated by the participants themselves.  Their beer, Kadima Beer, is sold to help support the center.

Oshri, a participant in Tsad Kadima's
brewing program, hangs sterilized bottles
on the drying tree.

(Photo: Mike Horton)
(If your memory needs a little refreshing, please take a few moments to go back and read "The most unusual brewery.") 

Tsad Kadima is doing wonderful work for the community.  It's a project worth everyone's support.  And the fact that they have chosen to make craft beer one of their activities -- well, that just brings it close to perfection!

If you're a home-brewer, you have a great opportunity to help Tsad Kadima and in the process bring your beer to the attention of thousands of Jerusalemites.

Avi Colodner (right) helps Elior work the
bottle cap press, while Guy Salomon,
CEO of Tsad Kadima, looks on.

(Photo: Mike Horton)
On July 11, Tsad Kadima is holding a Kadima Beer Festival at the First Station, the old Turkish railroad station on David Remez Street.  Avi Colodner, the head of the Adult Day Center, is calling on home-brewers to contribute their brews at the festival.  "The beers will be sold by Tsad Kadima," explains Avi, "and all the proceeds will be used to support our activities.  Every home-brewer will be given a table, plenty of ice, and a chance to interact with the thousands of visitors we expect at the festival."

If you would like to take part in this very worthwhile project, please call Avi Colodner today at 050-990-9179, or e-mail him at colodner@gmail.com.  You can tell him the old blogger sent you.  Your beer will thank you for it.  Where else can it not only taste good, but also do good?

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