May 20, 2019

Special commemorative bottles for Malka and Negev beers

Two Israeli craft brewers have come out with new lines of commemorative bottles.  Same beer inside, but different themed labels outside.

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The Malka gift pack of five new
printed bottles
 issued in honor of 

Israel's 71st Independence Day.
(Photo: Shoval Launger)
1)  For Israel's 71st Independence Day, the Malka Brewery in the Tefen Industrial Zone (central Galilee) has produced five new bottles which depict historical leaders, though in very unconventional poses.

There is Theodor Herzl on the Stout, David Ben-Gurion on the Pale Ale (Admonit), Golda Meir on the Blond Ale (B'hira), Menachem Begin on the Wheat and Mahatma Gandhi (of course) on the Hindi IPA.

The labels were designed by Amit Shimoni of Hipstory.

The bottles are sold separately and there is a gift pack which contains all five.  Assaf Lavi, partner and brewer of Malka Beer, told me that 170,000 of the commemorative bottles were made.

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Douze Points: Negev Brewery introduced over
40 new bottles, each one depicting a flag
of a participating country in the
2019 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Tel Aviv.

2) For the Eurovision Song Contest which was just held in Tel Aviv (Netherlands was the winner), Negev Beer (also brewed at the Malka Brewery) printed over 40 special bottles, each one with a stylized flag of a participating country.

The series is named Douze Points, which is written in Hebrew letters and means "Twelve Points" in French, the highest score a country can be given in the Eurovision contest.  

The bottles contain Negev's popular beers: Oasis (Blond Ale), Porter Alon (oak-conditioned porter) and Amber Ale.

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Three of the Negev Brewery's Douze Points bottles
issued in commemoration of the
2019 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Tel Aviv.
Gilad Dror, manager of beer brands at Hacarem Spirits Ltd., would not reveal the number of commemorative bottles produced, but told me that it "equals an average month of sales for us."  

The labels were designed by Racheli and were printed on the bottles by HP Indigo digital print (Arik Sofer) and the Tadbik printing plant (Maor Hed).

If you want these bottles from Malka and Negev, I suggest you get some right away while they are still on the shelves of the stores that carry Israeli craft beers.  You get the wonderful beers of Malka and Negev, and also a cool collector's item.  Israel will have many more Independence Days, but never again the 71st.  And who knows when we'll ever host a Eurovision Song Contest again?            


  1. The other two bottles of Malka are, although less recognizable, Menachem Begin and Ghandi. But I see you found that out after posting it ��. Cheers from @KraftBeerIsrael (Insta).

    1. Yes I was able to get identification on those rather strange faces. But thanks for sending me that information. Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves? I've never heard of you.


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