May 16, 2019

Black Out Stout from HaDubim

From HaDubim ("The Bears") Brewery comes a dry stout called Black Out.  Also known as Irish stouts, these drier versions have a more roasty and bitter flavor than other stout styles, which include English Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Milk Stout, Russian Imperial Stout, as well as the American craft versions of all of these.  The most famous Irish stouts are Guinness and Murphy's.

Black Out gives them a run for their money.  The HaDubim brewers, brothers Rotem and Dagan Bar Ilan, have long had that magic touch which gives their beers some kind of "added value."

Already on the informative label, you learn that the alcohol by volume is an easily absorbed 5%, the International Bittering Units (IBU) are a moderate 25, and that the hops used are East Kent Goldings. 

Black Out pours into your glass the darkest brown color, almost black, with a thick and creamy tan head.  Really creamy.  You get scents of roasted malt, chocolate, butter cream candies, caramel, vanilla and some coffee.  My drinking partner Moshe exclaimed, "I never had so many aromas from a beer!"

The taste is dry from the start, with a little sweetness creeping in, and dark chocolate, caramel and butter.  Every sip seems to bring a different level of flavors.  If some beers can be called "boring," Black Out certainly is not.  The finish is dry and roasty.

Different stouts go well with different foods, and a dry stout like Black Out will balance the richness and sweetness of, say, grilled vegetables, stir-fries, stuffed mushrooms, hearty cheeses, chocolate and mocha desserts, and even hummus.  Or kick back, put your feet up and enjoy a Black Out without any distractions.  You're worth it.     


  1. Where can I buy it?

    1. HaDubim beers are widely marketed and distributed by the Protary agency, so you should be able to find them without difficulty. In Jerusalem, I've seen Black Out in the beer specialty stores and in the bigger liquor stores ("bottle shops"). I'm sure the same is true in Tel Aviv and other cities.

  2. הדובים5/17/2019

    בחנויות האלכוהול פרטיות, ברשתות חצי חינם וסטופמרקט


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