April 15, 2019

My Letter to the Editor: Wine snobs and beer snobs

A few weeks back, The Jerusalem Post's prolific wine writer, Adam Montefiore, wrote an article against the crippling influence of wine snobs.  Though he himself is an excellent wine judge and connoisseur, Montefiore gave many good reasons why wine drinkers should rely on their own tastes in choosing and pairing wine. 

"Put wine in its rightful place," he said.  "Don’t take it too seriously.  Do not feel you have to impress or conform.  Wine is not a straitjacket any more than religion is just ritual."

You can read the whole article here

I was so impressed, I wrote a short letter to the editor in which I called on beer drinkers to heed the same advice.  Montefiore thanked me for my kind words.  I'm publishing it here for all my blog readers -- and perhaps beyond.               

Three cheers to Adam Montefiore for his wonderful article, "Power to the People," calling on wine drinkers to free themselves from the opinions of wine snobs and just enjoy wine any way they like it.  As an aspiring beer blogger and writer (in these pages), I wish to add the same message to beer lovers.  Refuse to be intimidated by beer snobs whether they're at your table or behind the bar.  Don't be cowed by beer style names you may not recognize or by beer-geek jargon.  Stand your ground, ask the questions that make sense to you, and choose the beer whose taste makes your mouth happy.  Remember: The best beer in the world is the one you're enjoying right now!


  1. Such empowerment, thanks. Due to your encouragement, I'm now a beer connoisseur in training.

  2. I love your statement: The best beer in the world is the one you're enjoying right now. I'm a beer sommelier (and professional beer snob, I suppose) and I am always stressing the point that people shouldn't listen to me! Couldn't agree with you more.

    I'm off to visit Tel Aviv next week and will be using your blog to help me discover great Israeli beer--thanks!

    1. Thank you, Maggie. I appreciate your comments. If you have any questions or if i can help you in any other way, please don't hesitate to write.


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