March 3, 2019

The Big Blond Queen: Malka Beer now available in 750 ml bottles

The old blogger hefts two new
750 ml bottles
of  Malka Blond Ale. 

(Photo: Mike Horton)
The first 750-milliliter bottles of Malka Beer have recently appeared on the market.  Until now, the only Israeli craft beers available in these big bottles (25.4 ounces or almost a "Fifth" of a gallon) were cork-topped Bazelet from the Golan Brewery.   

"The beer is about 10% cheaper when you buy our 750 ml bottles," says Assaf Lavi, partner and brewer of the Malka Brewery in Tefen.  (Malka means "queen" in Hebrew.)  "Right now, the only style available in these bottles is our Blond Ale, but our other three styles should be on the shelves in about a month."

A panoramic view of the
new Malka Brewery in Tefen.

(Photo: Mike Horton)
In addition to giving you more brew for your buck, Assaf says that the bigger bottles now make Malka Beer more suitable as a gift.  "Instead of bringing your hosts a bottle of wine, you now have the option of giving them the same size bottle of great Israeli craft beer."

[You can read an earlier story on the new Malka Brewery here.]

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