November 25, 2018

Our wood anniversary

It has been the custom in the lands of the West to designate each anniversary with a different commodity, which is then normally used to help choose a present for the occasion.  For example, the first anniversary is traditionally paper, the second cotton, and so on up to silver for the 25th, gold for the 50th and diamonds for the 75th!

The old blogger doing
what beer bloggers
are supposed to do. 
Israel Brews and Views has just reached our fifth anniversary.  It's called the wood anniversary, so we wood choose to dedicate it to beer -- like all our previous anniversaries.

It's been quite a ride.  I've tried to keep you, my dear readers, informed about what's happening in the world of Israeli craft beer.  If I tasted new beers, met interesting people, attended exciting events, found out secrets, and enjoyed myself too much  -- you were the first to know.

Researching and writing Israel Brews and Views takes up most of my waking hours these days -- more than my paid work, leisure activities, such as they are, and spending time with family and friends.  It seems like there are always beer events to attend, meetings to keep, festive openings and sad closings.

I'm not complaining, mind you. 
During these past five years, I've met wonderful people, some of whom I can call friends, tasted innumerable great beers for free, been ushered into inner sanctums of dining and drinking, been treated like a celebrity, been recognized by strangers who take "selfies" with me, been consulted about beer, events and trips, and have hobnobbed with the glitterati at sparkling and shining celebrations.   
Spreading the good news about
Israeli craft beers.

(Photo: Mike Horton)
We've published around 225 posts and are rapidly approaching 200,000 page views which, if you do the math for five years (60 months), averages out at over 3,300 page views a month.  Not overly impressive, but the subject is not politics, sports, celebrities, sex or money.  It's Israeli beer -- and I am happy that we have readers not only in Israel and the United States, as you would expect, but also in all of Europe, China and the Far East, South America, and even the Arab world!  What is it that interests them?  Is it beer?  Israel?  Or maybe the two together?

Never forgetting that I'm working
for you, my loyal readers.

(Photo: Mike Horton)
We have covered home-brewers who follow their passion and take the big, bold step of going commercial; the opening of new breweries and the growing number of contract brewers; and micro-breweries which grow into bigger, more modern facilities where production reaches tens of thousands of liters per month.

I've given you heads-ups on beer festivals and other events all over Israel, and have reported happily and boozily on the ones I attended.  Even if there were no new beers to report about, I enjoyed every minute, meeting up again with old friends and drinking their beers.

And we've continued with our popular Tasting Panels, wherein our Esteemed Tasters compare Israeli brews of the same style and give them rankings.  So far, we have tasted India Pale Ales, Amber Ales, Wheat Beers, Stouts, Pilsners and Porters -- with more to come, and a few surprises, in the coming months.  Our panel aims to reflect the tastes of the Israeli public, but we certainly welcome other opinions and have been called to order more times than the Knesset Plenum.

All of these Israel Brews and Views posts are not going to stop or even slow down, and the best way to keep on top of them is to type your e-mail address in the little box on the upper right of this page and press "Submit."  You'll get e-mails informing you of all new posts on my blog.   

To all my readers, wherever you are, I say "thank you" for your loyalty, involvement and concern.  If you hear, learn or see anything regarding Israeli beer which you think will interest our audience, please let me know and I'll do what I can to share the news.

You and I are here for the beer.  I hope we'll stay together for at least another five years.

Doug, the "old blogger"


  1. Congratulations old friend! It’s always a treat to read your entertaining blog, and even nicer to see that mug of yours, reminding me of some good times together in uniform and of our good-natured, um, discussions, on politics. I am constantly telling folks about the amazing progression of craft beers back home.
    Be well and safe my brother.


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