June 26, 2018

First Nes Ziona Beer Festival -- June 28

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I was just notified that the picturesque city of Nes Ziona in central Israel is getting into the act.  The first Nes Ziona Beer Festival is being held there this coming Thursday, June 28.  This makes it the third beer festival (at least) taking place on the same night!  What have we done to deserve this?  [Read about the other two here.]

The Festival begins at 7:00 p.m. in the square at 5 Habanim Street.  Admission is pricey: 100 shekels, but it gets you six glasses of beer (of unspecified size).  This Festival is sponsored by Hacarem Spirits Ltd., one of Israel's largest importers of wine, beer and liquors.  Therefore, you can expect that the only beers available will be brands that they import (such as La Chouffe, Liefmans, and Blue Moon), as well as Malka and Negev, two Israeli craft beers in which they hold shares.

Live music and food are also on the agenda.  For soccer fans, there will be a giant screen for viewing the England vs Belgium match which will take place at the Mondial, the world championship cup, starting at 9:00 p.m.     

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