August 3, 2017

BEERS 2017: Next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

It's time to get prepped for the Big Daddy of Israeli beer festivals -- the BEERS 2017 Festival and where else but Tel Aviv. 

This is the seventh annual BEERS Festival, running for three nights, August 8, 9 and 10, at the Train Station (Hatachana) in the Neveh Tzedek neighborhood, on the Jaffa border, near the ocean.  The gates open at 6:00 p.m. and close at 11:00.

According to the organizers, the Ben-Ami Studio, over 200 beers are being served, Israeli and foreign.  In my experience, BEERS attracts even the smaller Israeli craft brewers by promising them exposure to a large crowd of Tel Avivian beer enthusiasts and "opinion leaders."  So it really is a wonderful venue for getting to taste a lot of beers you never knew about, all in the same place.  Many brewers also use the occasion to introduce new beers.

Entry is 70 shekels and includes five tasting coupons.  Five additional coupons can be purchased for 30 shekels.  You can save 20 shekels on the entry price by visiting the BEERS Facebook page ( and sharing the post which includes the discount 50 shekel entry coupon.  That's what it looks like to the left.  Share it on your Facebook page and bring proof of the sharing on your smartphone (I have no idea how you do this) and enter for only 50 shekels.  You have to do the sharing by Monday, August 7.  Good Luck!   
As always, there will be quite a few food stands (these can crowd up as the night wears on), and very ambitious live music.

I was invited on the opening night, Tuesday, August 8, along with the other "professionals."  That was arranged by a special internet form which I filled out and returned.  As in the past, all of my other attempts to get more information about BEERS from the Ben-Ami Studio have been unsuccessful.  E-mails have gone unanswered and no phone number for inquiries is given on their social media.  It's as if they look upon the media and the public as nuisances who must be kept at arm's length.  

Nevertheless, I'm going to BEERS to have a good time, try some new beers, and report back to you, my loyal readers.                

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  1. You show them your fb page of it on your smartphone.


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