June 21, 2017

Winners of the LongShot and Golden Beer competitions

Last week the winners were announced of two prestigious brewing competitions in Israel:
The Samuel Adams LongShot competition for home-brewers and the
Golden Beer 2017 for commercial craft brewers.

13th Annual Samuel Adams LongShot

Sergei Lekach (center) is awarded
Best in Show at the
Samuel Adams LongShot competition.
The Samuel Adams LongShot contest is the oldest in Israel for home-brewers and it has given impetus to several of them to take their brewing to the next level -- whatever that may be.  It's sponsored by Samuel Adams Beer in Boston and Tempo Beer Industries in Israel, and is under the professional direction of the Beer-D center in Tel Aviv.

I'll just list the winners here because 1) they haven't been announced in English yet, and 2) I haven't tasted any of them. 

Best in Show
Coffee Oatmeal Stout -- Sergei Lekach

Pale Ale
First:  American Pale Ale -- Yair Livne, Yair's Beer
Second:  Sweet Blond -- Sagi Schonewald, Opi's Brewery 
Third:  Oceanside -- EzRa

Dark Ale
First:  Coffee Oatmeal Stout -- Sergei Lekach
Second:  Red Red -- Amir Shalev
Third:  Dab-Lin -- Emanuel Zeidman and Avi Riji

First:  Czech Pilsner -- Boaz Lanner
Second:  Black Bavaria -- Emanuel (Mano) Peled
Third:  Smoked Lager -- Nachum Haver

First:  Beet Beer -- Nachum Haver
Second:  Ad Hoc -- Nimrod Rotem
Third:  My First Berliner Weisse -- Motti Tzukerman

Golden Beer 2017

From the eldest to the youngest: The first Golden Beer competition awarded 26 prizes to 97 beers that took part.  (That's better than a one-in-four chance of winning something.)  These had to be commercial beers, that is, produced by brewers with a legal production license.  The organizer was the Ben Ami Studio, the same agency which produces the annual BEERS Exhibit in Tel Aviv.  

Cynics would say that the organizers were getting in on the wave of beer competitions which seem to be springing up all over the place.  I'm not (much of) a cynic, but I naturally recoil from calling the winners, as the competition's PR did, "the best beers in Israel."  A little humility is in order, as is a little space for beer lovers to decide for themselves.

That being said, the winners are still to be congratulated for being judged by a jury of their peers and succeeding.    

Here, then, are the winners of the Golden Beer 2017 competition:

Light Lager
First:  Pils -- Jem's
Second:  Pils -- Sheeta
Second:  Pils -- Buster's

Amber / Dark Lager
First:  Double Bock -- Bazelet (Golan Brewery)
Second: Dark Lager --Jem's

Pale Ale
First:  Patriot -- Dancing Camel
Second:  Pale Ale -- Shapiro
Third:  Pale Ale -- Mosco

First: Gorgeous New England -- Joya
Second:  IPA -- Sheeta
Third:  Pressure Drop -- HaShachen

First:  Wheat -- Mosco
Second:  Wheat -- Shapiro
Third:  Wheat -- Sheeta

Belgian Style
First:  Red Belgian Ale -- Barzel
Second:  Belgian Tripel -- Emek Ha'ela

Porter / Stout
First:  Dark Beer -- Malka
Second:  Midnight Stout -- Dancing Camel
Third:  Oatmeal Stout -- Shapiro
Third:  Porter Alon -- Negev
Third: Stout -- Jem's

Flavored Beer
First:  Smoked Beer -- Mosco
Second:  Gordon Beach Blond -- Dancing Camel
Third: Jack's Winter Ale -- Shapiro
Third:  Olde Papa -- Dancing Camel

First:  Sweet Cider -- Buster's

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