June 27, 2017

Make your own beer maps with WishTrip

My earlier post on pubs and restaurants in Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda market (see here) included a link to the WishTrip app which played a video of the actual pub crawl.  (Here it is again:  https://wishtrip.com/web/trek/10250000010086)   Several readers have told me how much they appreciated this feature.  

Well, now as a public service to my readers (and as a way to thank the WishTrip people), I'd like to announce that everyone can use the app for their own use.    

WishTrip is a real time mapping app which enables users to visualize and share outdoor or urban travel activities using geolocation, digital images and text, as well as communicate with other users.

You can make your own WishTrip map, or discover, plan and share your trips live.  You can share on Facebook and Instagram, and write up recommendation for the next traveler.  And it's so easy that even old bloggers can understand it.

Get started with WishTrip right now by clicking on this link:


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