March 20, 2017

Craft beers on tap in Machane Yehuda

Just two years ago, it wasn't easy to find Israeli craft beers in bars and pubs.  And I'm talking about bottles -- much less on tap!

What a difference 24 months make!

Your intrepid old blogger, accompanied by photographer extraordinaire Mike Horton, took several cold night strolls through Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda market -- rapidly becoming the city's new center for night life -- looking for Israeli craft beers on draft (or draught, as Mike would write).  We found them in no less than 17 bars and restaurants.
The numbers on this map of the Machane Yehuda market in Jerusalem
refer to the bars and restaurants listed below.
(Map created by Mike Horton.) 
Tour Guide Fun Joel Haber ( was fantastic in helping us find the qualifying establishments, though a few might have fallen through our dragnet.  If you know of any that we missed, please let me know.

Here then are the photos of the craft beer taps, the name and address of the bar/restaurant, and the name of the barperson who was there to greet us.  In most cases, you can click on the name of the establishment and go to its Facebook page, where you can learn more about each one.

Like all eating establishments in Machane Yehuda, these places are kosher, although with different certifications.  Some are full-blown restaurants; others serve pub grub, or only alcohol.  This is mentioned in the names below each photograph.

Since the market is a maze of streets, lanes and alleyways making it almost impossible to list the locations in any logical geographical order, we decided to use the English alphabet instead.

The map above shows all locations with their identifying number.  You can save this map on your computer and then print it out for easy use.  In the near future, we also hope to bring you a more detailed and interactive map which you can download directly to your smartphone.

We hope this helps get you out into the Machane Yehuda market and into enjoying Israeli craft beers in their natural setting.

Agrippas Bar and Grill
56 Etz Chaim
Kineret pumping Dictator Irish Red Ale
(four Jem's beers are also on tap.)

Number 1 on the map.

Bardak Pizza
4 Beit Yakov
Tal behind the all-Israeli-craft taps.

Number 2.

Beer Bazaar (pub and restaurant)
3 Etz Chaim
You can hardly see Shiri behind the Israeli craft taps.

Number 3.

Crave Gourmet Street Food
1 Hashikma
Naomi with Alexander Blazer and Beer Bazaar Bhindi.
They also have a very flavorful light pilsner on tap
made by Alexander Brewery exclusively for Crave.
They call it "Pure Love" -- 5.2% alcohol and highly recommended!

Number 4.

Hachapuria -- Georgian Bakery
5 Hashikma
Two Shapiro beers on tap.

Number 5.
Hashechena -- Dairy Restaurant
11 Beit Yakov
Ana'el is hiding behind Alexander, Shapiro and Herzl.

Number 6.

Ishtabach Middle Eastern restaurant
1 Hashikma
Hila pumping Mosco beer.

Number 7.

La Cornerie bar and coffee shop
40 Etz Chaim
Shira serving Madam Cornerie,
a private label beer from the Srigim Brewery.

Number 8.

Meorav Yerushalmi mixed grill
14 Ha'egoz
Assaf behind the Bazelet taps.

Number 9.

Michmoret Fish Restaurant
7 Hatoot
Adi is the bartender; Bazelet on tap.

Number 10.

O'Connell in the Shuk (pub and restaurant)
63 Etz Chaim
Sivan behind the Herzl 6% Kapara tap.

Number 11.
Que Pasa Tapas Bar
9 Ha'egoz
Yaniv behind the taps of all the beers from the Srigim Brewery:
Ronen and Emek Ha'ela.

Number 12.

Roasters Coffee Bar
20 Afarsek
Omri pumping two Shapiro beers.

Number 13.

Shuka Bar
17 Ha'egoz
Dhyan and his dreadlocks behind the Shapiro beer taps.

Number 14.

Steam Kitchen and Bar
26 Ha'egoz
Nati with four Mosco beer taps.

Number 15.

Sushiyuda sushi restaurant
69 Etz Chaim
Timor pumps a Bazelet pale ale.

Number 16.

Time Bar & Coffee
8 Etz Chaim
Shlomi behind the Alexander and Shapiro taps.

Number 17.


  1. Great investigative reporting, good job guys.

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