July 21, 2016

Two more beer festivals

Everybody wants to get into the act!

So said the late great Jimmy Durante.  (I date myself here.)  But in terms of beer festivals, who's counting?  Here are two more which have just come to my attention, and I waste no time in letting my readers know.

Already next week is the very first Netanya Beer Festival in (of course) Netanya on Israel's central coast.  The dates are Wednesday, July 27 and Thursday, July 28, beginning at 5:00 pm in Kikar Ha'atzmaut (Independence Square).  The organizers promise that over 40 kinds of beer will be served from Israel and abroad.  To add to the festive atmosphere, there will be music pumped by deejays, live performances, and food stands.  Entrance is free.   

Then, much later this year, over the Sukkot holiday, there will be the Red Sea Beer Festival in Eilat, October 17-20.  I'm told this is the fourth, but somehow I've never heard of the first three.  Here too the organizers proclaim that over 40 brands of beer from Israel and around the world will be available, plus a central stage for performances by some of Israel's leading entertainers.  "The biggest beer street in Israel" is how this festival is being billed.  So head down south for a beer festival that's sure to be at least as much "festival" as it is "beer."  Eilat does have that kind of reputation.              

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  1. The neighborhood just keeps getting better and better!


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