June 7, 2015

Beer festivals this summer: interim info

Early information has been arriving about beer festivals for this summer.  It's still incomplete, but I want to share what I have.

Jerusalem Beer Festival - "Ir Habira" -- Independence Park (Gan Ha'atzmaut) is once again the site for the wild and wonderful Jerusalem Beer Festival, Wednesday, August 26 and Thursday, August 27.  Organizer/Producer Eli Giladi says that this will be the eleventh festival in Jerusalem, and it will be bigger and better than ever.  

Tel Aviv "BEERS 2015" Exhibit -- August 11-13 at the Train Station (HaTachana) in Neve Tzedek.

This is all I know at this point because Studio Ben-Ami in Tel Aviv, the organizer of the BEERS Exhibits, is maintaining its tradition of being largely unresponsive to requests for information.    

Beer City Festival in Haifa -- Uh oh!  This is being held on the same days as the Jerusalem Beer Festival, August 26-27.  So if you want to attend both, you have to be one day here, one day there.  Polina Charnovelsky from the "Cooperation" Office in the Cultural Department of the Haifa Municipality, also told me that the festival will be held on the Agritech Grounds, near the Convention Center.  

As of now, it appears like this festival will once again be sponsored by Tempo Beer Industries, brewers of Goldstar and Maccabee beer, so don't expect any Israeli craft beers to be served.  On the other hand, it's that sponsorship which makes this festival the biggest in Israel, with free admission and first-string musical performers. 

Beersheva Home-Brew Beer Festival -- For the first time, Beersheva is hosting a beer festival, and it's this Friday, June 12.  The festival is being held at Hachalutz 33, and the door opens at noon.

Home-brewers, and some smaller commercial brewers, from Beersheva and the south will be pouring their beers for the guests.  For most, it will be the first time they've appeared at any beer festival.  I'm told there will be many classic style beers, but some will be pushing the envelope.  

If the time and location were more convenient for me, I would certainly be there.            

Mateh Yehuda Rustic Beer Festival -- Chani Ben-Yehuda, who is responsible for festivals and events at the Tzlilei Hakesem company, which organizers these events, told me that there is still no decision made on the date -- or even if there will be a festival this summer.  When I get more information, I will share it with you.  


  1. Doug, please try to remind me about the Jerusalem one, thanks.

  2. Anonymous6/08/2015

    Interesting stuff -- that one in BSh especially.

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