May 12, 2015

Israeli craft beer at the Jerusalem market

For me, a Jerusalemite who does not have easy access to the beer superstores in Tel Aviv, the best bottle shops for buying alcoholic beverages are along Agrippas Street near the Machane Yehuda market.  For years, I've been singing the praises of Hamisameach (64 Agrippas), which has the largest selection of Israeli beers, and I've been encouraging the other store owners to offer more of them.    

Yayin BaShuk owner Matan Levy
at his new mix-and-match section
for Israeli craft beers.
Maybe my kind words, or perhaps public pressure, are beginning to be heard.

Last week, another store, Yayin BaShuk ("Wine in the Market" at 63 Agrippas), unveiled a nice size section devoted to Israeli craft beers.  Nine brands to be exact -- Ahuzat Bayit, Alexander, Bazelet, Emek Ha'ela, Herzl, Jem's, Malka, Ronen, and Shapiro.

Even better: Owner Matan Levy has devised a unified pricing system where you can buy a mix of any of the above beers on a declining scale.  The more you buy, the cheaper is the per bottle cost.  For example, one bottle costs 15 shekels.  But if you buy a mix-and-match six pack, the cost drops to 11.50 shekels per bottle, an excellent price for craft beer.

So, for those readers who live in Jerusalem, or are visiting, let's get over to Yayin BaShuk and show Matan Levy that he made a great marketing decision by promoting Israeli craft beer.  And please tell him that you read about it here.  Thanks.    



  1. Hello Doug!
    Next time you visit tel aviv, we'll be happy to welcome you here at Agnes
    check our new website and hope youll come

    1. Sounds good to me. Not that I get to Tel Aviv very often, but I"ll try to stop in.

  2. very tempting
    I just haven't had any chances to shop in the shuk recently.

  3. Anonymous5/14/2015

    What does a person have to do to get you to respond to their friend request on fb? Well anyway, you should come to this:

    I have it on good authority there will be a killer IPA there.

    1. I'm not sure which friend request you're talking about -- but the beer garden party looks tempting. Always good to meet new brewers!


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