August 11, 2014

2014 Israel beer festivals: Yet another update

The war in Gaza is not over, but this summer's beer festivals are taking place almost as planned.  I did a quick round of phone calls and e-mails, and can report on the situation as of now.  You might want to mark them down on your calendar in pencil.

One place you don't run out of beer.
Jerusalem Beer Festival - "Ir Habira" -- No change.  Still taking place August 27-28 in Independence Park.  

Tel Aviv "BEERS 2014" Exhibit -- No change here either.  The festival will be open to the public September 10-11 at the Train Station (HaTachana) in Neve Tzedek.  On September 9, it will be open only to people in the "trade":  brewers, restaurant and pub owners, retailers, importers, etc.  (You think they'll include beer bloggers in that?  I'll have to ask.)

 Mateh Yehuda Rustic Beer Festival -- Still no final date yet, but Chani Ben-Yehuda, who is responsible for festivals and events at the Tzlilei Hakesem company, which is organizing the event, says that she will let me know as soon as they decide.

Beer City Festival in Haifa -- The dates have been postponed to August 27-28 at Students Beach.  Head-to-head with Jerusalem.  Each of them are two days, so you can attend both if you really want to.

If I hear of any updates or changes, I will let you know.

To read more background information, please go to my previous post here. 


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