April 2, 2014

"Guest Curator of Artisanal Beer" -- Hey, that's me!

With absolutely no fanfare, I was recently named the "Guest Curator of Artisanal Beer" on the Curated Israel website.  This is a New York-based site specializing in Israeli design -- jewelry, fashion and accessories, judaica, art, and food.  

Diane Kaston, Head Curator
Curated Israel

When I was asked by the Head Curator and webmaster, Diane Kaston, to recommend Israeli beers to go with their recipes (in other words, food and beer pairings), I humbly accepted.  It is a task that I enjoy and will hopefully grow into. 

You can read my first attempt here.

I think it could be very frustrating for readers outside of Israel, since only very few of our craft beers are available abroad, and that is only in major cities.  In fact, many of our excellent craft beers are not even available everywhere in Israel!
Here's hoping that changes soon, and beer lovers all around the world will be able to buy Israeli craft beers in their stores and restaurants as easily as they buy European and American imports.  

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