February 4, 2014

Shapiro's personal beer for Purim

Shapiro Beer of Beit Shemesh has come out with a cute marketing project for Purim, which falls this year on March 16 (and in Jerusalem on March 17).  They will print personalized labels  for their beer bottles, which you can then use at your Purim party or to give as Purim gifts (mishloach manot).  For example, the label can read:
A Happy Purim
from the Levy Family!


Brewed for Yossi's 
2014 Purim Bash!
Goldberg's Beer
Happy Purim!

Since this project has only been publicized in Hebrew, your favorite beer blog has stepped in to make it accessible to English readers as well.  Itzik Shapiro, one of the brother-owners of Shapiro Beer, told me that it should be no problem for the labels to be printed in English.
Some details: The beer is Shapiro's Pale Ale (5% ABV).  You have to place your order by February 13 for the beer to be ready by Purim.  The minimum order is a case (24 bottles of 330 millileters each), and the cost is 330 shekels.  
One very nice touch:  All the profits go to the Shekel Organization - Community Services for People witrh Special Needs.  (Read more at: SHEKEL)   
The beer with your personalized labels can be picked up at the Shekel Organization's office in Talpiot, Jerusalem (11 Yad Harutzim Street), or at Beer & Beyond in Tel Aviv (159 Yigal Alon Street).  
Purim and beer in New Orleans.
To order, go to this webpage (Shapiro Purim Labels) and follow the instructions, which are in Hebrew.  If you have any questions, you can call the Shapiro Beer office at (02) 561-2622 or e-mail purim.edition@gmail.com
What a great idea!  Purim and beer go together quite naturally.  Last year, Trudy and I attended a jazz-filled, beer and pizza Purim party in New Orleans.  The star attraction was a keg of Abita Beer, brewed in Louisiana, just north of NOLA.      


  1. The beer plus a small pack of pretzels would make great Mishloach Manot

  2. Anonymous2/05/2014

    If only shapira beer was tasty ...

    1. Anonymous2/07/2014

      I seem to recall their Wheat beer pretty pretty good on tap a couple years back at what used to be the Diwan. Their Pale Ale is meh. I guess I've not had their Stout yet, or else found nothing memorable about it.


Thanks for your comment. L'chayim!