January 11, 2014

Coming soon: First Israel Brews and Views tasting panel

The first Israel Brews and Views tasting panel will be held this week.  Our judges will be tasting and commenting on seven Israeli boutique India Pale Ales (and near IPAs).  This historic post will be appearing right here on the web log within a few days.  If you're not yet a subscriber, sign up now so as not to miss it.  Just type your e-mail in the little box in the right-hand column where it says, "Sign up for updates" and press "Submit."

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  1. Anonymous1/11/2014

    Awesome. 'Tisn't the season to be drinking IPAs, but still tralalalala exciting stuff! Now, just make sure Srigim Brewery's Ugly Indian IPA is one of those beers being judged. Can't wait for the results -- this blog just keeps getting better and better.

    1. The Ugly Indian plays hard-to-get, but the Srigim Brewery (Ronen) promises to get her over here. She'll be up against stiff competition, though.

      You don't expect us to wait till the summer to drink IPAs, do you?

  2. Hey Doug! So, when will we see the results?

  3. Anonymous1/26/2014

    Make sure you get your hands on Dubim's Arakis (it might be hard to find) and Dancing Camel's American IPA - I think they're the two best examples of the style in Israel

    1. Hi Anon, (wish I knew who you are),
      We had the Dancing Camel's American IPA (now called Patriot), but Arakis will have to wait until we do a second round of Israeli IPAs. Thanks for pointing that out. Stay tuned for the results which will soon be published.

    2. Hi Doug, sorry if i'm being THAT GUY! but....
      The Patriot by Dancing Camel is indeed the new version of the American Pale Ale they had earlier, it is my favorite by that brewery but sadly it is not an IPA. they had an "IPA" before but it has been changed to "The Old Papa" (honestly because it's never a real IPA in the first place).

      and too bad you skipped on the Arakis, it's a part of the "One month" series so you might be waiting a long time for that wonderful beer to come back (hopefully it'll come back soon enough)


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