December 13, 2013

Snowy Jerusalem, strong beer

Snow began falling in Jerusalem yesterday, Thursday, December 12, and continued last night.  This morning we woke up to a city beautiful in white but at a standstill.  Few cars, no busses, no light rail, no newspapers, no school, most stores closed. We've heard reports that this is a record snowstorm for December, and perhaps for all time.      

View from my rear window, Friday, December 13, 7:30 a.m.

Yesterday, Trudy and I walked through the "blizzard" to the supermarket to buy ingredients for a winter vegetable shepherd's pie that she is now making for Shabbat.  I put one of the bottles of Belgian beer that I got as a birthday present from my children into the fridge for Shabbat lunch.  I have chosen Kasteel Cuvee du Chateau 2012, a beer with a vintage and 11% alcohol by volume, for this occasion.  I hope to write a review of it afterwards.  I have been saving these ales, strong in malt and alcohol, for such wintry days.  I'm sure there are Israeli beers with similar attributes and I will try to find them.  But for tomorrow, we're giving the Belgians a chance. 
Shabbat Shalom,


  1. Anonymous12/15/2013

    Happy birthday. Gotta say I'm really digging the unpredictable direction this blog's going in. Now, if you do hear out about a quality Israeli winter brew, by which in this context I mean 10%+ ABV, do share it with the rest of us. Chances are we'll get another snowstorm when winter officially starts, and it'd be great to have some good beer ready for those long frigid nights.

    1. Thanks, Anon. Actually, my birthday was a few months ago. I've been saving the beers for such a winter's day. (Belgian dreamin') I'll surely let you and everybody else know when I find those Israeli winter brews. Notice I wrote "when" and not "if."

  2. Doug any time you want, I'm willing to come as your guest.


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